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Kelly Anne Powers

The New Monday


Mondays are hard for me. Especially now. A month ago today, unbeknownst to all of us, my Mom, watercolorist Lynn Powers, lived her last day. She was in her garden, she went for a walk with her favorite person, my dad Jim Powers, and her favorite dog, Chester. She probably thought about the watercolor class she was going to teach. She read a book as she did each night. And then just after the world turned to March 1st, she died. A month has gone by and in that time I’ve said goodbye to her 10,000 times. Each time I...

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Behind the Scenes - A Portrait Step by Step

Step by Step

Looking at another artist's process can teach us a lot about our own work. I have benefited immensely from other artists sharing so it's only fair that I share in return. For that reason, I'm going to start an occasional series showing my steps. While I'm certainly still figuring out what those steps are, you'll definitely see some common approaches emerge. Quick note about the images: I can only take decent pictures when it is light outside. Any work done between 4PM and 7AM are left out purely from a darkness standpoint. [caption id="attachment_894" align="aligncenter" width="804"] Mixed Media Step by...

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About Town: Guardino and Antler Galleries - August


] Image note: Diane Archer, "Fertile Ground" Part of the professional artist strategy is to leave my house. The three fold: (1) Avoid going stir crazy which would be bad for both me and my marriage (2) Get inspired, and (3) Learn something. Even at Day 2 I know that afternoons are my weakness. Something in my body just starts yawning at 2pm and it doesn’t stop until there’s two of us in the house again or I’m asleep. I’m not against naps, but I’m trying to not rely on them. So afternoon options include getting about town. Today I...

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