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Ah Yes: The Middle Stages

I knew this would be the hard part...and it sure is. 

One of the challenges right now is figuring out what questions to ask when.

And I guess it comes back to my intent. What am I trying to do?

I’m trying to create an abstract painting that is optimistic and playful.

I put down the pink gel scrapes and the Fluorescent Red feels WAY too strong. It obliterates all color beneath it. Completely. You can see some of the stamping and scribbling below but oof. I love that sense of layering. I want to have that in the finished piece. So maybe opaques (especially really loud ones) aren’t good for right now?

(I guess I’ll have to see how they evolve later in the painting.)



My favorite right now is still number three and that’s a bit of a problem. I’m doing a lot of work not becoming precious.


The fluorescent pink too loud. The super neutral stuff feels like it’s killing all of the energy below it. So when do I bring in neutrals?And how?

I like the ones that have the lighter neutrals. and that use both the fluorescent red (although maybe fluorescent pink would have been better) and the darker neutrals really sparingly. Next step is going to be more stamping (white?) and scribbling (white? and maybe yellow?) and then some opaque but in really small sections?


How do I transition out of the pink? What colors am I headed toward even?I’m not sure how to get from here to there. But maybe it’s because I need to get WAY more pink before I can even hope for that. Unclear. 

So what is this section? Over the yellow I changed the color and did fairly transparent (ish) gel scrapes. Now time to build layers with more stamping and scribbling followed by maybe some white floats? In the ones that got too neutral, add some brighter pyrrole orange/white combos? But opaque?

So where am I in my process? I added gel scrapes that are opaque. Next, integrate with more stamping and scribbling.

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