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Collaged Bouquet


Portland Oregon mixed media artist Kelly Anne Powers

I did my value study for the day, but it's locked away. The trouble I have with value studies is that they highlight a difficulty I have with acrylics: blending. My value studies feel blocky and severe. So not that I don't have  blocky in my work..but usually there is a line around it. It may take me a few tries to get use to that style change sans line.

So in its place is a bouquet that started as a black and white painted sketch. It was fun to add color in an abstract way, and I tried to pay some heed to the original values.

I have some work to do: Lighten the background, add back in the branches, this and that. I want to keep it pretty abstracted in nature.

Black and whites after the jump.

Kelly Anne Powers Portland Oregon artist Mixed Media Artist Kelly Anne Powers Portland Oregon

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