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Daily Portrait Painting #41

Daily Painting

First full day in the studio after a long weekend. It feels so good to have time stretch out before you and know that you have no obligations other than your paint until early evening.

Mixed Media on Paper, Kelly Anne Powers What I like:

I'm starting to really enjoy painting eyes. My baseline has risen, which means even on a bad painting day, my eyes are light years ahead of where they were a year ago. That feels great however it probably also means it's time I start studying eyes again and see how I can get them to the next level.

She has bangs! You might notice that many of my faces don't have bangs. That's not because I don't like bangs but because I hadn't been able to figure out how to do them. Today might be a bangs turning point. Which, that is a ridiculous thing to write, it may still in fact me true art-wise.

What I don't like:

I got way too attached to this painting way too early in the process. I put a glaze on it and just thought, "Don't screw up," from that point on. That is a bad mindset for painting. So I did less pushing than I hope to do on an average day. So not that the painting wasn't challenging, it's just normally I was willing to take fewer risks once I felt attached to a certain part.

Distance will help. That's the power of being able to set a painting aside for a month and then come back after those feelings have subsided and you can get critical again.

PS- There was a daily painting #40, I just didn't post it due to painting way too late in the day.

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