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Daily Portrait Painting #45

Color Study Daily Painting

Mixed Media on Paper, Kelly Anne Powers Today was day two of blue. It's amazing how day two of something can feel so much less overwhelming than day one. Day one of blue felt restricted. Oh I want to grab pink? TOO BAD.

Day two was more about seeing what a limited palette could do. I could feel myself pushing in new ways. It felt like rewarding discovery.

What I like: At her left shoulder there is a place where the hair edge and the background become almost indistinguishable. It was a last minute thought as I brought the light background glaze up in the hair just ever so slightly. But I love how it gives the eye a passage way into the hair instead of stopping everything at a hard edge. I'm using the lone-hue so that I can concentrate on things exactly like lost and found edge. Win!

What needs work: There's a swatch of patternless blue around her right eye that doesn't seem to make a lot of sense to me. A lot of what is happening on her right side seems unclear to me. I would need to let the painting sit for a bit and come back and in and make choices about what to do (or not do) there.

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