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Day 26- Daily Dog


This is my last dog for a few days while I get my wisdom teeth out. (Yay?) See you Sunday! (Or maybe Monday. But I promise to make up the missed 3-4 days. :)

Mixed Media artist Kelly Anne Powers Portland Oregon

Mar 26, 2014, 9:42pm

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  • kellypow on

    Thank you so much Consu! Even though I didn’t quite hit every day, I learned more about technique and my own process than I could have imagined. Now the challenge is to keep motivated without a daily painting. :)

  • consu on

    Hi Kelly!
    I came to visit on this, the last day of the month, to see how things had gone… and I have to say that I am truly impressed with you, your artwork, and your staying power!!! You are an inspiration, and I am debating whether I want to create a 30-day challenge of my own starting tomorrow… I loved to see the evolution of your process and the clear growth that this daily practice yielded. Either way, thank you for the inspiration… and I hope you are you back to eating chips soon! xo

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