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Dramatic Male- Value Studies



I swung by my local Blick today to grab some black, white, and gray Open Golden Acrylics. I was hoping that by trying something with a longer open time, I'd get better at blending. After all, value studies often have blending.

I'm so use to regular acrylics that it sort of feels like these paints will never dry. And even with the extended open time, you can tell I took very little advantage of those blending capabilities. Wait, maybe the problem isn't the paint...maybe the problem is me. Ah yes. Noted and added to the list.

That said, this was a really fun value study to paint. I've missed faces. I've also missed dogs. I started adding layers to a drawing I started back in my Painting A Day March marathon. It felt so good to be back with familiar subject matter.

Black and white after the jump.

Mixed Media Artist Kelly Anne Powers Portland Oregon value studies

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