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Goal Check In: February 2016

Daily Painting Goal Making

Mixed Media on Paper, Daily Portrait Painting, Kelly Anne Powers How are your 2016 goals going so far?

I turned 35 on Friday. My brain got going so fast that I could barely handle myself. I took the weekend off. I did some cleaning. I did a lot of thinking. And I centered myself by doing my monthly goal check in. That very check in reminded my why it’s so vital...because I had clearly already forgotten a few of the goals.

Establish daily art habits.

For example: Wake up. Gym. Drawing (face). Painting. Photographing. Studio clean up. Repeat.

So far: Mixed bag. While I’m doing the daily portrait painting (and feel really really good about it) I need to figure out how to add exercise back into my life and start working on bigger show projects.

Open an etsy store.

So far: No progress. I’m jumping between wanting to try and sell my work to not wanting to try and sell my work. There is a protective freedom when I know what is beneath my hands is never going to the selling block. I like that. I’m trying to figure out if I like it enough to push off the etsy thing until 2017.

Create a budget and track expenses.

So far: Big fat fail on this one.

Read six art related books.

So far: This is the one I totally had forgotten about. I just jumped back into the Judgement of Paris. I started it a year ago I’m pretty sure so I’ve already forgotten a lot of the players, but now it’s on the list.


So far: I’m posting my daily paintings and am slowly starting to add articles. Addendum goal: Have something with actual words up each Monday. THIS article counts. Score!

Update website

Good images of work up. Possible redesign. So far: Found a new wordpress design I really like. That upload broke a few things in my server  chain and so now I’m dealing with super technical problem solving. I guess this is progress?

Participate in a 30 day challenge.

So far: Mission accomplished! I participated in two in January and both were amazing. The daily painting challenge kick started my daily portrait paintings. Taking part in the daily painting challenge definitely changed my studio practice for the better. For the win!

What are your 2016 goals? How are you making sure you work on them through out the year?

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