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Learning Color- Picasso Coloring

Color Study


In my never ending journey to learn color, I’m starting a new weekly exercise called Picasso Faces. Granted, they look nothing like Picasso, but they are disjointed in a way that caused my husband to say, “It looks like a Picasso face,” so the name stays.

This exercise is really fun, and it’s a great way to work on color. It’s also low on the scare factor, so if you are just starting to learn to draw or paint, this is a great way to introduce you to your a materials.

How to create Picasso faces:

1. Find a picture, paper and a waterproof pen like the wonderful Faber Castell Pitt artist pens, (for the love of God don’t use a sharpie). Draw the image without lifting your pen.

2. Lift your pen and add extra lines where you want to break up space.

3. Fill each area entirely with color.

4. Add color and patterns until you want to stop. Here are the acrylic colors I used with my first Picasso Face Coloring: Raw Sienna (M. Graham, Heavy Body), N3 Neutral Gray (Golden, Heavy body), Unbleached Titanium (Liquitex, Heavy Body), Raw Umber (M. Graham, Heavy Body), N5 Neutral Gray (Golden Open Acrylic, Heavy body), Potter's Pink (Winsor & Newton, Heavy Body), Thalo Yellow Green (Grumbacher, Heavy Body), Burnt Sienna (Winsor & Newton, Heavy Body), Real Teal (Liquitex, Soft Body), Naples Yellow Huge (Golden Open Acrylics, Soft Body?)

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