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Phrase for 2017


Floral Acrylic Daffodil Painting

Some artists choose a word or phrase to help guide them through the year. So sure, they have a goals list but they also have a way they want to look at the big picture. I came upon this idea a few years ago and it never quite resonated until this year.

This year:  Focused Abandon

Two months into 2017, it’s good to be reminded.

I want this year to be about focus. There are things I want to learn and I don’t have any coach yelling at me to wake up and draw. Or to learn color theory or about composition. That’s all on me. If I want to figure out my style and then throw myself into exploring that, I need to keep focused on a both a micro and macro level.

But I also have a serious problem about being in my head too much. That’s the abandon part. Should I post that to Instagram? Yes. Let it go. Stop thinking. Should I try this thing or that thing? Yes. Worst case you spend a week and find a dead end. Better than not trying at all.

What is your word or phrase for 2017? How’s it going so far?

Mar 20, 9:00am

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