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Rethinking Goal Setting


Image note: In progress from this week's studio time.

This article popped up on my, and everyone else's,  Facebook feed, yesterday. It’s a call for us to stop setting goals but to instead focus on creating the lifestyle that will help us reach those goals. For example, instead of saying, “My goal is to learn to paint,” I would say, “I want to paint everyday.”

This falls in line a bit with how I already wanted to approach goals this year.  I’m calling them goals as shorthand for whatever falls under that big umbrella.

This year my goals surround a bigger mission of living a life that supports creativity. However that is a post for another day, but for now:

Paint and draw every day.

This doesn’t have to be a three hour marathon every day, but it does need to be enough to keep me in touch with my art.

Eat in (unless with friends).

I’m giving myself permission to cook a ton and feel good about spending time cooking a ton. Cooking makes me feel connected, grounded, and calm. A calm brain creates better.

Exercise daily.

Right now this is a 30 minute walk because that’s all I can handle. Exercise lowers stress and helps too many things to count. It's always amazed me how adverse I feel about something so damn good for you. Three goals. One. Two. Three. Bam.


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