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Starting Small (Again)


Kelly Anne Powers Mixed Media ArtI'm working for the family company again, Creative Catalyst Productions. It's a bit strange to be stepping back into some of my old roles after being away from it for 4 years. I didn't forget though how much I enjoyed the work. I really do. It's methodical and involves systems. You do a series of steps and you can sort of assume you'll know what the outcome will be.

Mostly, it's really nice to have clear goals and clear definitions of success.

You know, everything painting doesn't have.

But the schedule change has me feeling a bit all over the place. Last week my one full painting day was spent instead cleaning out the disaster that happens when your refrigerator breaks at midnight and you don't catch it until 9am the next morning. THAT made me question what the hell I was even doing.

You have days like that. No matter what your profession is.

So today, I'm going back to basics again. I'm going to challenge myself to do a daily painting four days a week. If I get one in on Wednesdays between my part time jobs then fantastic, but I'm not going to try and kill myself. I just need a measure of success that isn't based on quality of work. Because the quality part is hard right now. And not a good way to encourage forward movement.

Tah dah! Here's today's painting. It felt good to have one I liked. It was hard to make myself get started. And that is exactly why I need the goal.

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