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Stranger Danger

Color Study


I love the human face. It has a beautiful sculptural quality to it that I think is easy to ignore because we spend all day looking at faces.

However, because of that, because we spend all day looking at faces, taking a face into your home is a really personal endeavor. People may like the idea of taking a portrait of themselves or someone they love into their home, but it can be a hard sell to take a stranger’s face into their home.

For this reason, I need to learn to draw things other than the face. I have spent a lot of time learning to draw the face and I see improvement, but I am not fantastic at drawing pretty much anything else.

For this reason, I need to start trying. Drawing Every Day Things will be something I start up here soon, but until then, I’m going to try and make sure there are more than just faces in my Picasso color practice. That will get my hands and brain headed in the right direction at least.

N5 Neutral Gray (Golden Open Acrylic, Heavy body), Thalo Yellow Green (Grumbacher, Heavy Body), Real Teal (Liquitex, Soft Body), Red Oxide (Golden, Fluid), Indian Yellow Hue (Golden, Fluid), Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide (Golden, Fluid), Raw Umber (Golden, Fluid) Titanium White (Golden, Fluid) Iridescent Antique Gold (Blick, Heavy Body)

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