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Daily Painting Goal Making

KellyAnnePowers Mixed Media Artist Readers of this blog will know that I‘m big into challenges. Here’s why: In a world where I create all of my own rules, it’s nice to have someone else create rule. I didn’t have to think anything up. I didn’t have to use my creativity. I just say, “YES! That sounds great,” and then I do the work. It’s the closest I can get to the day job structure, and I like taking advantage of it.

Plus, challenges help you think in a different way. Because you have to do it you know that you’re not going to only create masterpieces. This gives you the freedom to actually work on something that needs consistent work. It gives you permission to create bad work. And when you’re in that mindset, great things can happen.

For my #the100daysproject I’m going to focus on flowers. I love flowers. Flowers think I’m OK. But I do war with them when it comes to paper and paint. I don’t know what shape these flowers will take but that can emerge as I spend some thought in the subject matter.

Here’s day 1. Not fantastic but I love the looseness of it and even more importantly, it felt good to do.

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