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Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days – Day 19

Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge

Day 19!

Mixed Media on Paper, Kelly Anne Powers

What I like:

Layers: There are a ton of layers on this, and even though layering over the top of something you already like is hard, the paper always becomes so much richer for having done it. I'm trying to learn to trust that.

Eyes: I tamed the pupil so she had less laser eye, and she has an actual eye shadow, which still feels very uncomfortable to make.

Mixed media: I'm finally experimenting with tools other than acrylic paints. There's two different kinds of pastel on here with some watercolor (gouache?) and artist crayon. That's definitely more what I want to head into, and so it feels good to be slowly creeping my way there.

What could use work:

Face shape: There's a generic type of face that emerges when someone (like me!) isn't looking at a reference photo. Both the shape of the face and the mouth fell into this category today. Need to go back to my reference photo and draw it until it's right. It means a more interesting painting in the end.

What's next:

A friend suggested I add pattern to the hair, and I really like that idea. I have some mixed media ink for stamps, and I've been excited to try it somewhere. The hair is the perfect place.

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