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Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days – Day 22

Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge

Mixed Media on Paper, Kelly Anne Powers

What I like:

I brought in some inks and stamping, which is exciting. I also used more watercolor/gouache on her, and it's fun to experiment with something that can truly do a soft edge. (Anger eyes at you, acrylics.) More more more! Also, in an effort to have fewer pencil outlines, I used a watercolor pencil for the drawing. Which worked mostly great however...

What needs work:

I lost the nose! And when I redid it, I made a straight nose on a turned face. Again, this is what happens when you get lazy and lose your reference photo and therefor don't go back to look at it. You draw what you know. And the nose I know is a straight on nose.

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