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Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days – Day 23

Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge

Mixed Media on Paper, Kelly Anne Powers I have the work in progress over on my instagram page.

What I like:

I like the stamping on the shirt. I learned that I need a few more protective layers than I thought to mask out the non-stamping section. Lesson learned! I am so so so incredibly excited to play with stamps. I also feel good about the face shape and shading.

What needs work:

Can't decide if I should make the hair dark brown or leave it as is.

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  • kellyannepowers on

    Thank you Sheila! And I agree with you 100% about the balancing between hair and eyes. Thank you!

  • Sheila Delgado on

    I like her hair, but darker would balance out her eyes…..
    Love all of the texture :) and stamping :)

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