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Week 5: 30x30


Day 26! 

As owls are winding down, I’m beginning to look toward October. What I got out of owls (many things for a future post) is that when I have the daily challenge, the focus in my life is on art. Art is what I think about at the grocery store or on a walk. It’s what I have to make sure is in order and attended to when I’m considering saying yes to something else. When I have a daily challenge, I treat art like a full time job, which is exactly what I want it to be both physically and mentally.

For all these reasons, I know I need to keep a daily challenge a part of my artistic practice.

For October, I’m going to try and venture into the totally unknown realm for me, abstract. I’m trying to prepare myself for frustration because the gap between what I respond to and what I am able to create is wide. It always starts that way in a new subject.

I have long loved abstract. Some of my favorites artists are abstract artists. To the untrained eye (and even the trained eye sometimes) abstract looks easy. That is so far from the case. I know there is a long road ahead and it’s time to take those first steps.

From what I know of my process, I’m pretty sure I’ll be working across several at a time, and the challenge will be to bring one to a close each day. This also means I need to get my butt in gear in prepping starts.

Along with abstracts, I want to bring some focus to faces and figures again. I don’t yet know what this will look like, but I’ve made some serious gains with faces in the past months and I want to make sure to build on that instead of digress. It might look like a 15-minute drawing per day.

As we wind down September, what are your goals for the month ahead?


Day 27


Day 28!

Sep 30, 2016, 8:25pm

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