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Kelly Anne Powers

Blue Plaid Ceramic 11 oz Mug


Blue Mug was once part of a “It’s a boy!” gift and came filled with coffee beans. That family sure did go through the coffee quickly. But more came. And more and more. Blue Mug thought she was a cream in her coffee type of girl but now she’s ready for it full roast and black. Sometimes they don’t even wash her between uses. She’s not judging though. She likes to be busy, helpful and part of the family. Someone has to keep those parents fueled. She heard they might be trying for number 2. She’s ready for the challenge.

Favorite gift candy: Laughy taffy
Favorite hot drink: Coffee, black

Blue Mug is 100% ceramic and is both dishwasher and microwave safe.
Items are securely packaged and may ship separately.


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