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Big 500 Gallery

Growing up just outside of the city limits of a small town, dogs were a huge part of my childhood. Loyal companions and kings of mischief, dogs were some of my best childhood friends.

For the Big 500 show, I decided to explore canines because it had been awhile since I’d painted dogs. I missed their company. As a painter, dogs challenge my sense of space as they have folds and foreshortened heads and mysterious noses. They have soulful eyes and expressive ears. They express a moment that as an artist, you really want to capture.

Because dogs have an amazing way to transport you through time. How one look can take you back to your own childhood playing fetch or reading a book with that warm head resting on your lap.

I hope these paintings remind viewers of a dog they once loved and of a time with just a bit more sweetness in the air.

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