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Kelly Anne Powers

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About This Painting:

Ref: @mondayflowers

I am a happy part-time painter. There are real pros and cons to being a part-time painter. The biggest con is obviously the amount of time you have to spend painting. But through working on the series, that has forced me to create a real series of steps I walk through for each painting. And that series of steps has honestly made a huge difference in my skills this year. It's amazing how making something work, sometimes makes it work better.

(Also I love how the shapes snuggle together in this one. Interlocking shapes was one of my series' goals and this painting does it in a way I was working towards.)

Item Details:

Canvas size: 8x8 inches square; 1/2 inch depth

Each acrylic painting is painted on stretched canvas ready to frame or hang. Bits of the red underpainting show through at edges.

Sides painted black.

Please note:

Artwork in person may vary slightly in color due to differences in lighting and monitors. 



If you're not 100% in love with your painting, please feel free to return it undamaged within 14 days of purchase. You'll receive a full refund of the work. (Refund won't include shipping/handling. )



All rights reserved. Copyright, including reproduction rights, remains with the artist, Kelly Anne Powers.

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