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Double Green JOY Holiday Card
Kelly Anne Powers

Double Green JOY Holiday Card

Double Green Joy Card loves to smell lemongrass tea and think about the Grandma who really appreciates green. Light Green Joy Card encourages the use of a standard Bic pen on her envelope. It’s important to use whatever you can to get the job done. Her favorite stamp is the Forever stamp because if you bought them in2009, lost them in your purse, and then pull a few off the weird chemical gum reaction that happened in there, THEY ARE STILL GOOD. She thinks that's pretty darn amazing.
Favorite Stamp: Forever stamps on a roll
Favorite Pen: Bic (The one with the blue cap)

Size: A7: Card 5”x7” with a white envelope 5 1/4" x 7 1/4"
Ships in an envelope.

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