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Red JOY Holiday Card
Kelly Anne Powers

Red JOY Holiday Card


Red Joy card is ready for anything. Print. Cursive. Good spelling. Bad spelling. She loves handwriting but also loves when you print out that epic here’s-everything-that-happened-this-year sheet on the printer and then fold it into quarters to fit inside her A7 envelope. She once held photos from an epic camping trip and a poem from a 1st grader named Olive. But Red Joy Card wants to pass on that if it gets too heavy, you may need an additional stamp or two.

Favorite Stamp: Extra stamps: Because it means she is carrying so much inside
Favorite Pen: Olive’s crayon (but is happy for anything colorful)

Size: A7: Card 5”x7” with a white envelope 5 1/4" x 7 1/4"
Ships in an envelope.

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