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Big 500: Dogs 3-5

News Process

Mixed Media Dog Painting by artist Kelly Anne Powers

We deliver paintings the very first week of December and so it’s with great excitement that I’ve finished the final three Big 500 dogs. That way I can stuff myself silly over Thanksgiving and not worry about finishing everything up.


This project felt really good and yes, I like the paintings, but I felt really good about how I worked. The process through which I made these. That’s a big deal for me. I gave myself enough time. I worked steadily. I thought through problems and roadblocks in a constructive way. I found new ways of working. Even if I didn’t like a single dog (and truthfully, I like them all) that list in and of itself would have been worth the labor.

Mixed Media Dog Painting by artist Kelly Anne Powers

So the front, painting/designing part, is over. Now it’s finishing time. Photographing/scanning. Then adding a top coat and painting the edges. Then it’s delivering them and sharing the show on social media. And then it’s off to the next thing


The timing is good. I will probably let my brain dance for a few days. Pick up neglected rooms. Do two whole Thanksgivings plus the required travel. I’ll make sure I’m sketching and thinking and reading. And then on the other side of Thanksgiving, it’s back to work. On what? I’m not totally sure.  It’s always excited to be closing one thing and dreaming of the next possibility.

Mixed Media Dog Painting by artist Kelly Anne Powers

Nov 21, 2016, 1:52pm

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