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Creating Habits


Mixed Media Portrait by artist Kelly Anne PowersLast night I emailed my family: I won't be answering non-emergency emails, texts,or phone calls until after 3pm. That was the first step in trying to create physical and mental space to work on art.

Working on art is exhausting. I feel so good about the four solid hours I spent today on it. But it's also just the beginning of what I want to be able to do. First steps first and all of that. Send the email. Make sure to actually not obsess over the phone. Do the work. Even when you don't necessarily like what turned out, go back and keep doing the work.

Today's schedule was the one I'd like to try: exercise, meditate (5 minutes of mind wondering today), warm ups by building up canvas layers, small blue portrait and then the my other daily painting projects, uploading and blogging and then transitioning into my paid Creative Catalyst Productions work. It's a doable amount, and I look forward to the day where some portion of it is habit.


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