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Daily Painting: Figuring Out What to Make of It

Daily painting with Kelly Anne Powers
I want to be a daily painter. Mostly because as a part-time painter now, I need something that keeps me coming back into the studio day after day. Daily painting is a heart beak that I hope to build my studio practice around.
But oh boy, we're only half way through the first month and I am struggling. And this is the down side of daily painting: They can all feel frustrating...and it's public.
I don't want daily painting to be all the painting I do. I want it to be the warm up. Or the practice. Or the thinking through a problem. I want it to be something that then leads to something else. 
But right now I'm struggling. In part because it's the only thing I'm showing publicly. If it's my public face, I want it to represent my best work. But daily painting only represents a type of work. The fast work. The thinking work. I need to make sure I give it the time it deserves but no more. I need to use it a a spring board into something else. If it becomes that something else, if it becomes the thing I spend all day on and stress out about, it's not serving my intended purpose for it.

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