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Friday Five

Learning from Others

On occasional Fridays, I’m going to share five interesting resources from the week. Maybe it’s a new artist I just discovered or a podcast or an article. But take  a stroll and hopefully you’ll find something useful.

Weekly Tasks Every Artists Should Do On an Artists Helping Artists from a few weeks back, Leslie and MArgaret talk though tasks artists should be doing every week. As a person who loves a good calendar system, I loved this show.

Interviews: The Talks I love interview series. I’m just starting to learn to turn them on while I’m cleanng or doing brainless sketching. There are several categories but here are the art ones. Excited to start digging into these.

A Modern Approach to Complementaries Delphine Doreau over at L Lapin Dans La Lun talks about a modern way to think through color. Oh color. I love you and hate you.

The Science of Motivation Great whiteboard animation about how motivation works...because we all need it.

Six Reasons to Try a New Medium In a shameless act of self promotion, I have a post over on the Creative Catalyst blog about the importance of trying something new every once in awhile. It would be an overstatement to say that trying watercolors has changed my art life..but it sort of has.

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