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Hello There New Year

Daily painting 2018 Kelly Anne Powers

Here we go. Day 1.


For me as an artist, goal setting is important. It can be easy to get lost in the forests of creativity without a compass. For me, goals are a compass. They are a quiet reminder to check in and make sure we're still headed north.


Even if north is totally made up.


This year I'm entering into the New Year with no goals. It's not because I don't want them, but it's because I'm deeply unsure of where I should be heading. This is a last minute kerfuffle. As in, I had a plan Dec 30th and then realized I may need to reconsider. Everything.


So even with best intentions, sometimes we end up a little lost.


This isn't the panic lost. The I thought I'd go out for a day hike and am now spending a night in the woods lost. I have enough water. I brought my sleeping gear. There is no rain.


Most of being an artist is showing up. Showing up despite, and perhaps in spite of, the confusion. So I'm showing up. I'm painting. I'm thinking. I'm learning. I'm trying to take what I've learned and paint something new.


And that feels like the kind of year I want map or no.


Happy New Year!



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