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How I Want to Work

I’m running into a new challenge. The weather really affects how quickly things dry. My studio can be cold and very damp. This won’t be a problem once the heat of the summer begins but some of my processes won’t translate to winter. I either need to make sure I'm working through a bunch at a time with some taking days to dry OR I need to swap out some of my techniques. Or, I guess, both.

Swapping techniques is the most straightforward. Some of them will have one to one options. For example, if I’m doing a float using a fluid medium, like matte medium or gloss medium, sure there is a little difference but gloss medium takes forever to dry. Matte medium is much quicker. I should just choose a matte medium in that case. 



However, doing a float on top of a thick layer of self leveling gel is very different than doing a float on a thin layer of self leveling gel. The former could take several days (up to a week in winter I kid you not) to dry while the latter could take a day. BUT the effects are very different and I prefer the one that takes awhile. 

So there are some considerations to be made here. And maybe reassessed at each season change. 


Working through a bunch at a time is a great option too but this is where I’ve realized it’s hard for me to keep my intention fully front and center. It’s fine when I’m working through seven with explicitly the SAME goals. But could I move between 16 with four groups and four different goals for each? 



Right now the answer is a resounding no. I would get los tin that. I’ve really liked being able to settle in and down into my emotional intentions with these. That’s new for me and sort of liberating. 

The idea of switching between that deep work feels pretty impossible to me at the moment. Maybe it’s a muscle I could strengthen though. More to think about. 

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