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PDX Carpet (not carpet) Beetle


First off, happy one month art-full-time-iversary! Remember a few weeks ago when I got all excited about a theme for the PDXtraordinary show? Between then and now there's been a fair amount of deliberation in my studio about how to approach it. Today I tried beetles. Well, technically I've been doing beetles for awhile, but today was the first day working on them felt like true progress. I'm not sue where else this one needs to go, but it feels good to find inspiration in something as opposed to hostility. Working on this PDX Carpet (Not Carpet) Beetle struck up another dozen ideas I'll work through in the next few weeks. I've said yes to the PDXtraordinary show and I have about a month until my image is due. There will probably be a lot of beetles on the blog from now through October. You've been warned?

PDX Carpet (Not Carpet) Beetle Image note: PDX Carpet (Not Carpet) Beetle

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