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Stencil Fail


Oooooh stencil fail. Image note: Oooooh stencil fail.

I was battling some serious tired today and so opted for something fun: Stencil making. Even though one of my rules is no television before 6PM, I gave in. Doctor Who season 8 JUST came out on netflix and who doesn't need some clever adventure on in the background.

The picture above is a small reminder of why such rules were made. Half thinking.  I was designing the next stencil while my Cameo happily (and very noisily) cut away when I realized my mistake. Oh yes, one too many lines and I had basically designed a large checkered shape with a lot of pieces to remove off the sticky matting.

However, on the very positive flip side, in the process of redoing my design for the fourth time, I learned an amazing Illustrator patterning technique. A technique that will seriously save me hours in the future. Happy accidents indeed.

Now excuse me while I go set up fans throughout my house because it smells like everything is burning down. It's not, but apparently you can't spill olive oil all over your oven and not expect toxic fume consequences (and a very big pause on dinner.) See? Lots of fun lessons for a Tuesday!

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