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Studio Update: November

I’ll admit, I can’t help but start thinking about goals for 2018. The year just tilted into the fourth quarter and oh the pull is so strong.

But before I go jumping ahead, let’s take a firm look at THIS quarter. And this quarter still has a lot going on. Namely: Big 500.

This is my second year as part of the Big 500 and it’s a big deal to be included. There are 500+ Portland and Oregon artists involved and it feels like a milestone.

Last year I took 5 boards and this year I doubled it to 10. The boards are technically 8x8 but really being hand cut they are closer to 7.5x7.5 which is a size I am wonderfully familiar with. It’s really really fun to be working with the half inch depth. The stenciling is a bit more tricky but they are wonderfully easy to move around as I paint the flowers.

I have two weeks before they are due and this week will be dedicated to getting as close to finished as I possibly can.

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