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Teeny Tiny Itty Bitty Goals


Learning to draw and paint is about learning the art of micro negotiations with yourself. You’ll be doing them a thousand times a month. Even though theoretically you want to learn to paint, you’ll be trying to find excuses NOT to do it more than you’ll actually be doing it.

I’m not sure why the brain works this way but it seems to be how it is.

So how do you overcome it? Start small. Really small. What is some amount of time that you won’t be able to talk yourself out of? Five minutes? 15 minutes?

Choose that.

Because “I just don’t have time today,” is the death of all dreams.The key is to build the habit around something so small you can’t talk yourself out of it. Each and every day you’ll get to it and think, “I don’t have time today,” and then each and every day you’re brain will come back with, “Reeeeally? 15 minutes? Come on. Go get your pencils.”

Apr 24, 9:44am

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