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Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days – Day 20


Day 20!

What I like:

I always have this debate of how much to mask the pattern vs letting it push through. In part due to the exhaustion, I'm stopping earlier than I might if this painting was taking me a week or a month. However, I also stopped early because I sort of fell in love with how she looked earlier than I normally do. I actually went a layer beyond where I wanted to purely because I thought I should.

Where to work:

I'm not sure what to do with pencil lines in my work. I'm not against seeing the original drawing and in fact, I often really love seeing parts of the original drawing underneath. However, that's only if it seems to fit in purposefully. I still feel like I see my lines because I haven't figured out what to do with them as opposed to them adding to the gesture of the piece. I'll be thinking on that in the weeks ahead.

Mixed Media on Paper, Kelly Anne Powers

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