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When I Say Spring...What Comes to Mind?

For me, it’s the smell of daffodils and the rain. It’s that wall of bruised blue sky that meets the horizon and there, a blazing bright green. We’ve emerged from an endless grey to a season bursting with drama. 

Reference from WildRootFloral, Title TBD

After a long winter (and this year was indeed long) that contrast makes you feel like you’re taking your first breath back into the world again. You don't even mind the impromptu rain showers because they are somehow glittering with sunlight. And from the ground where yesterday there was only mud, today a field of bright purples and yellows.

What an incredible time of year. 


It’s with all of this I’ve begun a new series. My goal is to work through 7-15 floral paintings all around the theme of spring. Those incredible contrasts. Those bright greens. All done in the chunky puzzle painting style my mother-in-law recently coined (and I love.)

Eight by eight inch pieces of spring. 


The goal of the series is conceptual (spring) but it’s also process-driven. I’m changing how I work. I’m slowing down. I’m discovering where I can do different types of thinking work. Historically I would do all the planning standing at my work table with a paint brush in my hand.

Now, I’ve moved a bunch of that to pre dawn light with a cup of coffee and a sketchbook.

It feels like coming home. 

I can’t wait to share the process in the weeks ahead. Below is a sneak peek of one of the first pieces. It’s not finished yet and may change. But I love how it takes me back to my childhood home, standing on the edge of a field, raincoat in hand, waiting for the newest season to drench the world in possibilities. 

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