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I should start the day with Instagram. Efficiency experts may disagree, but I always look at Instagram at night and I get this wave of motivation right before I’m about to turn off my lights. (Read a book darnit!) Today I looked at it while eating breakfast (waaaay better than breakfast TV!) I saw a quote by Jean Perkins:

Start where you are.
(You are here.)
(Start here.)


It’s such a good reminder to do just that. One of the best things about living a creative life is all the ideas. Unfortunately though sometimes those ideas can make you feel like the thing you are working on right now, in front of you, is a waste of time because really you should be working on this other thing over here. And on and on it goes.

But no. Start where you are. What are you working on today? Decide once. Let that be enough. Because it is enough. And feel good about going to bed tired because it means you were an active participant in your own life today.

Feb 13, 7:00am

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