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Day 23- Daily Dog


Mixed Media Artist Kelly Anne Powers Portland Oregon Dog Paintings

It's always so fascinating to step back and look at a painting through the eye of a camera. So sure, I bring it into Photoshop and do my best to make sure the image on screen matches hue and value to the one in front of me on the canvas, but there is somethign about seeing it by itself. How that one step of removal can show you all sorts of things you hadn't noticed before. How that nose needs more red. How the left jowl pushes forward and needs to be pushed back. How I finally got the color of blue I'd been trying to get for a few weeks (cobalt and burnt umber for the win!)

This probably counts as my first layer. Now time to put it away and think about all of those components. Shelf the pluses and the negatives and then come back to it again another day with fresh eyes.

Mar 23, 2014, 4:09pm

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