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Siren Nation + Break Throughs


"Every Day Celebration," Mixed Media, 12"x12", $75

Group shows are a natural part of an artist's career. I don't think they are for everyone and they definitely aren't always worth your while. After doing a couple, it's worth taking a moment to figure out if they are right for you.

For me, right now, they are wholly worth it. I think of them as part of my artistic development path and not necessarily part of my business or marketing path. Being in group shows gives me deadlines and those deadlines force me to carve out time, push through problems, and actually put my signature on something when it's finished.

I'm in two group show this winter, and I delivered my first piece to Siren Nation today. This piece is a huge breakthrough for me. It was one of those moments where a bunch of things came together in a way that surprised me. I feel the painting is wholly me. And it's opened up ideas that hadn't been there before. Is uses pieces of past work. It feels good for me to be able to look at this piece and point to various work I've been doing this last year as the source of that particular part. And I really can't wait to work in a series to follow this theme to see where it takes me.


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