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Big 500: First Dog!


Finished my first dog for the Big 500 show.

This is my first year in the show, and I’m incredibly excited. Artists were able to take up to 10 boards but I wanted to only take what I 100% knew I could manage. I’ll be doing five dogs total, and I love working on the boards. It’s also been fun getting back into dogs. At first I almost decided against dogs because it’d been so long since I’d drawn dogs. After a week playing drawing catch up I’ve managed to get a few dog drawings that I really like and I can’t wait to draw more. Enjoying drawing has been one of the biggest changes for me in the past year. And boy has that mindset switch changed everything.

About Big 500:

Opens: December 10th- Saturday. 2pm-9pm

Runs: All of December

Cash and carry. All paintings (there will be over 5,000 of them) are $40.

Ford Gallery - Ford Building - 2505 SE 11th

Reception hosted by building curator Ross Blanchard


Oct 20, 2016, 8:27pm 

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