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  While my brain tries to figure out what to do with itself (and me!)... it's aaall the value studies.   I used to hate value studies. Now I find them very very calming. Like little curiosity puzzles. A whole conversation that starts with "What happens if.."    These specific thumbnails helped me realize that I am not confident painting with light colors. I know that feels a bit tangential, but all of my favorite studies have have the lightest lights be the flowers and I could feel myself panicking. So I followed the panic and realized that that's an area...

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2018: The Year of Systems

acrylic peony flower square small painting


Even though we're not quite into February, this week marks the beginning of a new set of schedule trials.

2018 is all about systems. Creating systems that reflect my priorities and the varying demands on a day. I want them to push me but be flexible enough to adjust as life adjusts.

January's experiment feels like a success: I figure out my non-art evenings.

"Wait," you say. "This  your ART blog. What does this have to do with art?"


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Daily Painting: Figuring Out What to Make of It

Daily painting with Kelly Anne Powers
I want to be a daily painter. Mostly because as a part-time painter now, I need something that keeps me coming back into the studio day after day. Daily painting is a heart beak that I hope to build my studio practice around.


But oh boy, we're only half way through the first month and I am struggling. And this is the down side of daily painting: They can all feel frustrating...and it's public.

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Framing Success

Acrylic artist Kelly Anne Powers


In 2015,  I made flossing my only goal each and every day. It didn’t matter if I had cooked anything or taken out the garage or jogged. If I flossed that night I told myself the day was a success.

My gums have never been healthier, and now, more or less, flossing is an entrenched habit.  

Did I accomplish other things that year? Yes. Did I show up to my day job and rock it? Yes. Was I a decent member of my family? Yes. It’s not that I didn’t do anything other than floss, it’s that that one thing, flossing, was how I gauged my day’s success.

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Hello There New Year

Daily painting 2018 Kelly Anne Powers

Here we go. Day 1.


For me as an artist, goal setting is important. It can be easy to get lost in the forests of creativity without a compass. For me, goals are a compass. They are a quiet reminder to check in and make sure we're still headed north.


Even if north is totally made up.

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