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Studio Update: November

I’ll admit, I can’t help but start thinking about goals for 2018. The year just tilted into the fourth quarter and oh the pull is so strong.

But before I go jumping ahead, let’s take a firm look at THIS quarter. And this quarter still has a lot going on. Namely: Big 500.

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New to the Shop: Prints!

Prints! Prints! Prints! I’m excited to announce new to the shop mixed media floral prints from my Plaid & Rose series. As we're headed into fall and winter, grab a bit of spring to keep on your home or office walls.

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Oceans to Oceans: New Work

 (Above) Message in a Bottle, Acrylic on Wood, 10x10, $110 The ocean holds different significance to us all. In the October group show Oceans to Oceans seven artists explore those differences. Opening Reception: Insomnia Coffee Company: 5389 W Baseline Rd, Hillsboro, Oregon 97123 Grab a cup of Insomnia's coffee and chat with the artists this Tuesday Oct 3rd, 6:30-8:30 I'd love to talk about how I made my pieces and how wildly different that process was. (Spoiler: Very very different.)    (Above) Tidal Pools, Acrylic on Wood, 10x10, $110

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Performance vs Practice


Sometimes an idea hits at exactly the right moment. A week sooner or later and maybe it wouldn't have had the same effect. Thinking about my work day as practice time and performance time helps me set better goals and gauge my daily efforts in a more realistic way. (Video after jump.)  

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Three Paintings To Dazzle Your Grey Livingroom

Chair // Hex Side Table // Rug // Paintings

Every new piece of furniture we've bought since we've gotten our cat has been grey. The cat, Margot, is also grey. Coincidence?

But seriously, I'd totally curl up in this corner with Margot and read a book.

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